Monday, February 9, 2009


Quick update on my approvals. Wait I have no update, because the medical assistant that I'm working with at Sphincter man's office is a total spaz and is never in the office. 

Good news is that he did submit the authorization requests to my insurance for the tests the motility dr ordered on January 30th. But as we know and as I explained to this med assistant last Tuesday, my insurance does not get things done in a timely manner, they need to be continually pestered and that takes someone with motivation, either of his own or from a frustrated sphincter challenged girl!!! 

Anyway, I very nice young woman could hear the desperation in my voice when I called and subsequently found out my guy was not in AGAIN today. She went in to his office, pulled my paperwork to the top and wrote a note that he needed to follow up tomorrow with my insurance. I will be calling tomorrow afternoon to see what he's come up with. I need answers, I need to make appointments and I need to find out how we are going to fix this incontinence issue!

I do have my long-awaited follow up appointment with my fab IBD guy at Cedars this Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. We will be going over the results of the wireless capsule tests and discussing what sphincter man said. I'm hoping to get some answers on if I have Crohn's or not or what we are going to do to get me going in the right direction again. I'm anxious but excited for this appointment.

That's the deal from the Chronicles of Crap for now. Here's to hoping tomorrow we get some approvals!

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Lauren said...

I hope you got the approvals!