Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Approval Update

Just a quick post to update you on the insurance approvals. I talked to the med assistant earlier and here's what she said.

1. The follow up appt at Cedars is approved (I will be able to schedule this after I get the other tests done.) This is a relief because getting the last appt approved was such a hassle.

2. The wireless endoscopy is being reviewed tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have some news tomorrow afternoon so I can get that scheduled ASAP.

3. The insurance is saying they never received the referral for the GI Motility specialist (sphincter tester guy) even though the med assistant has a confirmation that they received it. She resent it today and so it probably won't be until later in the week that we have any update on this.

So things are moving forward with a little less hassle than I thought. I'm feeling the same as I have been so no change there. Hope your gear up to the holidays is going as smooth as it can be. I'll update when I know more or have something new to say.

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todd storch said...

Did you ever end up bringing any 'gifts' to the MA who processes the referals for you?